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Are Our Treatments Safe?

  • The chemicals we use have been used in over 200,000 treatments without a single complaint from a customer


Thymol Oil

Our Thymol Oil extract is the only natural EPA registered non-toxic botanical effective against COVID 19 on the market today. Utilize The Germinators spraying process to protect your employees and your customers.  It's safe with zero down time. Employees can go back to work as soon as the area is complete!

Speaking of Chemicals

What chemicals do we use in our treatments?

The active ingredients in our treatment process are Chlorine Dioxide and Titanium Dioxide

Chlorine Dioxide – as an antimicrobial was discovered in 1814:

  • Chlorine Dioxide has been tested repeatedly and its antimicrobial properties are accepted as fact in the scientific community
  • Chlorine Dioxide is a registered component that, when used over 5%, is proven to inactivate germs, bacteria, mold, viruses and other pathogens.

Titanium Dioxide – as a photocatalyst was discovered in 1972:

  • Thousands of studies have been done on effectiveness of this mineral
  • Nano-Titanium Dioxide, as a self-cleaning, self-disinfecting material as it’s used in our treatment process is not in question in the scientific community

Organosilane – as a silicate was discovered in 1857:

  • Our unique blend of Organosilane and Hydrogen Peroxide develops an amazing barrier coating that shields the TiO2 in place and continues to fight harmful Micro-Organisms for months
  • The Anti-microbial properties of Organosilane have been studied diligently and are accepted as fact

Hydrogen Peroxide – was discovered in 1818:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide is simply an amazing anti-microbial.  It deactivates harmful Microorganisms including Viruses
  • Hydrogen Peroxide is recognized by Scientists and Moms everywhere as being an extremely effective disinfectant

Did we mention research?

The Coronavirus Virus is an “enveloped” virus, like H1N1 (known as the flu)

Good news because “enveloped” viruses are easily eradicated by our specialized and unique sanitizing spraying process

An Open Antimicrobial Agents Journal study found a 99.9% effectiveness of Chlorine Dioxide as an antiviral agent

A Broad Spectrum Microbicidal Activity of Photocatalysis study by a wide variety of renowned scientists cites the effectiveness of Titanium Dioxide against “enveloped” and “non-enveloped” viruses, bacteria and other pathogens

Our Specialized Spraying Process, because it contains Titanium Dioxide, stands alone in the industry as the only disinfectant process that can work over a prolonged period of time

The Germinators is the only sanitizing and disinfecting company you can confidently recommend to your friends and family in these troubled times

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