We are ready to help you with decontamination and true virus protection.


It's not really clean unless it's GERMINATED!

We kill Odors, Allergens, Mold, Bacteria, and Viruses in your Home, Vehicle, Office or Facility.  We are the next generation of germ free, fragrance free, and allergen free safe cleaning that's sweeping across the state of South Carolina.  


Why choose The Germinators?


Unlike conventional cleaning, The Germinators treatment process will eliminate Volatile Organic Compounds, Mold, Fungi, Bacteria and Viruses. No matter how thoroughly and carefully you clean, most cleaning services just push germs around. Bleach and traditional disinfectants are yesterdays weapons. They struggle to combat today’s more virulent and resistant germs.

We can help to create a "Scientifically Advanced Clean" and healthier indoor environment by effectively applying our comprehensive Volatile Organic Compound Elimination System. 

Our unique scientifically proven spraying process uses advanced nano technology that is deadly to microbes, but harmless to humans.

The Germinators in Action

The Germinators will protect your high touch surfaces against the adhesion & buildup of biofilm, inorganic soil, mold, germs, viruses and bacteria!


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